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PreHOT HYRS 2012 Students

Over the summer of 2012 PreHOT had two high shoool students participated with the Heritage Youth Research Summer program in PreHOT research groups to learn about how stress increases the risk of PTB, and how preterm and term babies develop. Watch this Youtube video about the experience of Indiana Best who worked with the All Our Babies Study and the Fathers & Late Preterm Birth Study at the University of Calgary.


The Preterm Birth and Healthy Outcomes Teams are interdisciplinary teams of researchers working together to promote healthy pregnancies and birth outcomes. These teams are usually funded teams involved in research programs.

Read about the research being done by one of the PreHOT team members and trainees in a special journal supplement published by BioMed Central: Pregnancy and Childbirth. The open access publication contains 13 articles describing PreHOT research projects, all united in the aim to provide important information that helps to solve the complex problem of preterm birth.

Preterm Birth ‚Äď Interdisciplinary research from the Preterm Birth and Healthy Outcomes Team (PreHOT) Supplement Link